Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator
Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator
Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator

Cartridge Heaters Metric Insertion

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3 Phase Calculator

Input any two values and click "Calculate" to find values for other two.

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3-Phase Wye (Balanced Load)

3-Phase Wye
Ohms (R)
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3-Phase Open Wye (No Neutral)

3-Phase Open Wye
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3-Phase Delta (Balanced Load)

3-Phase Delta
Ohms (R)
Watts (W)

3-Phase Open Delta

3-Phase Open Delta
Ohms (R)
Watts (W)

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Our industrial electric cartridge heaters including metric and imperial heaters...

Consists of the following cartridge/insertion heater categories:

Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator  Standard imperial and metric round cartridge heaters
Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator  Medium watt density cartridge heaters
Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator  High watt density cartridge heaters
Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator  Split sheath cartridge heaters
Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator  Square cartridge heaters
Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator  Small diameter/miniature pencil heaters
Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator  Bolt cartridge heaters
Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator  Custom cartridge/insertion heaters

Applications for the above include:

Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator  Cartridge Heaters for-Extrusion Dies, Liquid Immersion
Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator  Metric Heaters for-Plastic Molds and Injection Molding
Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator  Insertion Heaters for-Plastics Extrusion
Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator  Custom Cartridge Heaters for-Packaging Machinery, Labeling and Sealing
Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator  Square and Round Cartridge Heaters for-Hot Plates and Platens, Hot Stamping
Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator  Cartridge Heaters for-Hot Runner Molds, Various Types of Dies
Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator  Insertion Heaters for- Medical Equipment and Other Industrial Applications

The square cartridge heater configuration simplifies wiring and installation while optimizing performance in a wide range of solid, liquid, and gas heating applications. Tooling applications are particularly well served by the square cartridge heater approach. Typical square cartridge heating applications include platens, molds, sealing bars, sealing plates and dies. Versatile slot style mounting simplifies installation in small tooling components such as bushings and nozzles and is particularly useful when leads must exit at a specific location on the component surface.

Some applications demand much longer heater life, that is where miniature small diameter pencil/cartridge heaters have immense application value. Life expectancies of five, seven or even ten years are not unreasonable for some mission-critical applications:

Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator  Blood warmers used in medical theaters must never fail
Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator  Battery conditioners for EVA spacesuits on the International Space Station must last ten years      before replacement, due to payload costs
Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator  Here on earth, high throughput semiconductor chip testers must operate without significant      downtime for the 5 year life of the equipment. For these applications, a service life of 50,000 to      90,000 hours is a requirement that is both reasonable and attainable.

Some common issues with most standard cartridge heaters are as follows:

Heater removal: a cartridge heater will oxidize after many hours of operation and maybe difficult to remove. Consider drilling a through hole so the heater can be hammered out or choose a split sheath cartridge heater.

Lubricants: like graphite or silicone facilitate the insertion of the cartridge heater but can carbonize at higher temperature and then the heater will be really stuck.

The NPH split sheath cartridge heateris designed especially for platen, die or mold industrial heating applications where the holes are poorly drilled or worn through age. Independent expansion of each section of the split sheath cartridge heater when energized, creates intimate contact with the wall of the hole.

Through the patented split-sheath design and highly specialized manufacturing techniques, NPH split sheath insertion heaters reduce your total cost of process heating by an average of 40% over other heaters.

NPH’s split sheath cartridge heaters use a unique, patented split-sheath design that expand when energized to maximize heat transfer through greater contact with the wall of the bore. Better heat transfermeans less power is consumed to maintain the set point temperature, reducing operating costs.

Bolt cartridge heaters are used to tighten large bolts that secure heavy machinery and equipment. The shaft of the heater is inserted into the hollow bolt and energized to expand it, which allows further tightening of the nut. Manufactured with a high watt density, they heat up in just a few minutes, resulting in cost savings on reduced man hours removing nuts from bolts and studs. Large bolts can be heated to full expansion in just a few minutes. This heater design is manufactured with specific diameter sheaths to fit industry standard hollow bolts. High watt densities with special heated lengths distribute heat evenly to surrounding bolt.

Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator Cartridge Heaters 3 Phase Calculator

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